About Us

Sports Turf International Ltd. provides independent consulting services to the sports turf industry. Gord Dol founded the company in 2009 on the basic premise of "build it and they will come, but build it correctly and they will keep coming back" and it's in the building it correctly where STI truly excels.

Our mandate is simple; we partner with all of our clients to provide world-class expertise in: constructing, renovating and managing their sports facilities as well as complete parks and school field systems.

Our clients include:

MunicipalitiesSchool Boards
Private schoolsColleges and Universities
Landscape ArchitectsSports Clubs & Associations

We serve all of North America and select International locations!Over the past 25 years we have seen first-hand what happens to facilities 5,10,20 years after construction. Many problems encountered usually trace back to inadequate design and/or inappropriate construction practices. We will utilize this past experience & our vast knowledge to proactively manage the details & challenges before they arise, so that we can ensure the entire project runs smoothly from concept to completion - with a lasting legacy in mind.

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