Sport Field Inventory and Condition Assessment

Sport field inventory and condition assessment can include any or all of the following items:
  • Condition assessment of field based on up to 25 criteria as developed by STI. Each item ranked from Very Good to Critical, Data recorded on proprietary matrix complete with overall rankings. Site notes/dimensions and field orientation recorded on a drone aerial photo. Photo documentation of facility.
  • Field soil testing for nutrient, physical and agronomic evaluation. All test data recorded on proprietary matrix complete with fertility and cultural recommendations.
  • Inspection of appurtences and amenities, record and document all items, red flag items of concern.
  • Light level testing (photometric’s). Testing per ASTM Standards. Data recorded on light level matrix as well as actual values on a drone aerial photo. Drone photography of luminaires and baffles.
  • Field usage analysis based on permit documentation.
  • Life cycle replacement, site requirements priority, and budget.
  • Drone photography.
  • User group survey, electronic and interviews.
  • G-Max testing per ASTM F355.

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